Technology Center

Technology Librarian
Max Minor

While the Internet (World Wide Web) provides much helpful information for research, it also contains material, which is misleading, inaccurate, offensive and obscene. In order to be in compliance with the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the White County Public Library will use technology protective measure to filter Internet content.


  1. User must have a current library card with no outstanding fees.
  2. Each user must agree to the following policy. a signature is required.
  3. Parent must sign for children younger than 18 for them to use the computer and monitor their internet use.
  4. Instruction in using the Internet is not provided, but assistance may be requested of a librarian.

III. Use Of Internet

  1. Computers are available for one hour of use on a first come, first served basis.
  2. If no one is waiting for use after one hour of use, a patron may obtain another hour of use, not to exceed two hours per day.
  3. Printing (black ink only) may be done at the cost of .25 cents per page.
  4. Downloading to disks is allowed, however personal disks may not be used. Disks may be purchased for $1.00 at the main desk. This insures that computer/software will be kept virus-free.
  5. Patrons may not use their own software programs.
  6. No more than two persons may be allowed at one computer at a time.
  7. Accessing chat lines, on-line games and graphics which may be constructed as obscene are not permitted . Such use will prohibit further use of the computer.
  8. The library does not provide e-mail accounts. Accessing e-mail accounts located elsewhere is permitted.
  9. Filtering will be provided for all Internet-enabled computers used by staff or patrons. The library is not responsible for the failure of a filter to block an offensive site nor is responsible for its circumvention by users. Adults may request unfiltered access or for a single site to be unblocked. Filtering will be disabled for bona fide research or other lawful purposes.

IV. Legalities
All federal, state, and local laws remain in effect . Patrons/users of computer/Internet must not:

  1. -misrepresent self with intent to harm other by access code, password, signature, etc; or using Library resources to post or distribute profane, unlawful or hate speech;
  2. -invade the privacy of others or harass others;
  3. -alter hardware or software;
  4. -make copies of copyrighted or licensed software or data;
  5. -use the Internet for any illegal activity, i.e. viruses, hacking, etc.
  6. -accessing or distributing materials or online games considered to be obscence, child pornography, or harmful to minors. For legal definitions, see librarian.
  7. -divulging any personal identification information regaurding minors.

V. Policy Compliance
1. Patrons found not adhering to these policies will be given one warning. On the occurrence of a second offense, their computer privileges will be suspended for one week. If the patron again does not follow the policies, their computer privileges will be suspended for two weeks. If a third offense is committed, computer privileges will be suspended indefinitely. Reinstatement of privileges will be decided by the Library Director.